Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to make Monsters U your classroom theme

I finally had the pleasure of seeing Monsters U with a friend of mine recently.  I have to say I had my doubts about how Pixar was really going to create the "essence" of college into a children's movie.  Not only did the company provide a warm, charismatic and comical flic for the kiddos, they also managed to reach a group of current university students and alumni with their nostalgic reminders of what a great experience college really is.  It also is a great foreshadowing for current high schoolers of the experiences to come.

This movie helped me to stomach the Greek system and even get to the point where I appreciated the comradery. Pixar presented sororities and fraternities in a way that was fluffy but also realistic enough to make them believable.  Of course, the classic underdog story of the underrated frat Mike and Sulley join (Oozma Kappa OK) to overcome the big monsters on campus (Roar Omega Roar ROR) really pulled on my heart stings.  

With all the thematical and visually stunning animated elements tied together, this movie makes for nothing short of an amazing theme for your classroom this year.  Here's some ideas to get you jump started with your deco's:

Door decoration signs & slogans:
-Roaring over (k-5) grade!
-The Smartest Monsters on Campus (each students named displayed on a different kind of monster)
-Marvelous/Magnificent Monsters of (Mr./Ms.)'s Class
-Scare Schools in Session!
-The University of (k-5) grade!

Brag board/Student Work post area
-Our work's so great it'll scare the socks off ya!
-Sulley's Showoffs (have a character cut out of Sulley posted next to the board 
-Sulley's Semester Showoffs

**use coloring pages as your template for the characters, then color, cut out, and laminate**

Helper Chart 
-Wazowski's To-do


Lunch Choices
*Some schools have their students make their lunch choice at the beginning of the day so the cafeteria can prepare how much they need of each entree every day.  My students use sticks with their name on it place in a cup each day for their choice.*
-Monster Menu   & use Scare Sticks

Name Tags
Students will need name tags for special events at school and field trips. Make then their own special monsters U ID card by taking each students picture at the beginning of the year and then go to this website to create/print out/laminate their name tags 


Motivational Signs and Posters to hang around the room for the year:

1. Make an Unlikely friend

2. Always put forth your best effort

3. Treat your classmates with respect and kindness

4. Be courageous. Stand up to your bullies

5. Celebrate each other

6.  Partner up.  Collaborate. Two heads are better than one.

7. Be a team player

8. Dream BIG.  Work your way to the top!


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